Man recounts how a police officer helped him when he had a faulty car tyre in Lagos

A  man has narrated his experience with a fine Nigerian Police officer by the name Collins Iruedo.

He said he was midway the Marina over bridge when he noticed his tyre was wobbling and was torn, so he managed to descend the Apongbon bridge and right there parked a Police vehicle.

He said they approached him asking that he moved the vehicle as it was obstructing traffic flow since it was 12:30am. One of them approached him again,Offered his apologies and asked if  he had a spare. He opened the boot and brought it out. At that point he took over from him the entire process of jacking and replacing the tyre. By then it was already 1am, as he released the jack, the entire weight of the front side deflated the spare tyre. It hadn’t been used once. He now was faced with a torn and deflated tyre.

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The Policeman helped him to a get vulcanizer and even went ahead to pay the man, since he was not having any cash.

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