‘Igbos cannot take over Lagos’ narrative may cause war – Pastor Akinyemi

A group known as Leaders After God’s Own Spirit Initiative A New State (LAGOSIANS) has raised concern over the ethnic dimension of the coming governorship election in Lagos.

Convener of the group, Bolaji Akinyemi addressed reporters on Saturday, calling on stakeholders to douse the tension over the division among politicians and followers.

Akinyemi, the leader of Apostolic Roundtable (an independent platform for pastors), urged them to stop the drumbeats of war.

The cleric appealed to the people not to allow political activities and inflammatory narratives lead them to an avoidable war.

“We have seen dynamics being thrown up, like ‘the Igbos want to take over Lagos, the Yoruba must not allow them’, NAN quoted.

“I doubt if we are going to have an election on Saturday in Lagos if we do not douse this narrative that is gaining momentum.”

Akinyemi stressed the importance to bring everybody together and to discuss the way forward so as to calm nerves.

“We cannot have a Lagos where the Igbos cannot stay in Lagos, where markets are getting burnt.”

The convener said residents have lived as good neighbours over the decades and must not allow disruptive individuals and groups to throw a spanner in the relationship.

Akinyemi added that Lagos State needs an independent governor not tied to the apron of a godfather in order to effectively serve.

‘Igbos cannot take over Lagos’ narrative may cause war – Pastor Akinyemi

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